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About Us

It happened in Vegas,
it didn't stay in Vegas.

Lucky for the Charlotte area, the brainchild idea Robin & Tony Briscoe had during a visit to Las Vegas several years ago didn’t stay in Vegas, but is coming to live here in North Carolina. 

While visiting a lounge in Las Vegas, it occurred to them that the exploration, enjoyment and relaxation felt in that space was something they could create here, including the sense of community and relationship.  Robin and Tony began to brainstorm the possibilities.  Thoughtfully researched and curated premium and ultra-premium cigars, spirits and wine, and a chance to relax with old and new friends in a sophisticated and warm environment: that was to be the next phase of their journey.

What’s your favorite cigar? Tell us about it!

What’s your favorite spirit? Wine? 

Meet Robin & Tony:

Robin Briscoe 

Owner and Operator

Robin Briscoe is an entrepreneur and human resource professional who brings her ability to build and sustain dynamic and cohesive teams to the new team at Ash and Barrel. 

Robin’s first entrepreneurial venture was owning and operating a Curves franchise.   Robin is also a conscientious HR professional, having served in leadership and executive roles in various industries.  She’s a sought-after consultive expert on building and managing sustainable processes and is bringing her entrepreneurial spirit, business and HR acumen to Ash and Barrel Cigar Social Lounge.  

Happily married for over 30 years to her best friend, Robin is the mother to three incredible adult children.   She holds a B.S. degree in Human Resource Development from Notre Dame of Ohio, an MBA from Baldwin Wallace College and numerous certifications and accreditations.

Gilbert “Tony” Briscoe, Sr.

Owner and Operator

Tony is a successful business executive with more than 20 years’ experience. His extensive background in sales and marketing taught him the importance of customer service, creating a unique atmosphere to enhance the customer’s experience, and that there is no substitute for high-quality products and service.  Tony attended Cleveland State University, where he studied Business Management. 

Tony’s favorite pastime is enjoying a fine cigar and drink with friends and family, as well as sharing stories, discussing current events and watching sports. That is, when he’s not planning his next trip to source the best quality premium cigars to be found across the globe.  

Robin and Tony have completed their CCT (Certified Cigar Tobacconist) Certification from Tobacconist University® — the exclusive educational curriculum of the PCA (Formerly IPCPR). Founded in 1933, PCA is the leading advocate and authority for the premium cigar and pipe industry. This certification includes access to a wealth of information and education on cigar-related accoutrements.  

Now that you know more about us, we want to know more about you!