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An Exclusive Private Lounge, Celebrating Fine Cigars And Spirits In A Welcoming Atmosphere

You’re relaxing while sitting in your favorite chair in our luxurious lounge, you’re at home, and it fits. The setting is classy and open, relaxed and comfortable; with all the amenities you desired, and a few you didn’t even know you wanted.

We Have Many Premium Cigars To Choose From, Here Are Just A Few

Our dedicated, expansive humidor carries over 600 cigar facings

Pair The Perfect Cigar With The Perfect Spirit

The Drop

Vanilla Absolute Vodka and fresh squeezed lemons juice shaken, has never tasted this good. Ash And Barrel’s take on “The Lemon Drop” where lemons have a nice place to hang out now.


Ash And Barrel’s take on the whiskey favorite, “Old Fashion” is not so “OLD” anymore. Whiskey, Bitters over a sphere ice. Have it smoked or not…both are fabulous. Pairs with many cigar choices

Up In Smoke

It’s in the air and in your glass….Bombay Gin, Lagavulin and a little fresh squeezed lemon juice are the primary ingredients, let’s shake it up, pour and smoke it for you.


Lunazul Tequila, Pama Liqueur, ghost peppers are just the beginning in crafting this cocktail. If you like a kick while pulling on that cigar, this Ash And Barrel secret will definitely put it in gear for you. Go ahead and ask your server to smoke it for you.

Rasberry Flip

Definitely a cigar smokers go to…. because bourbon has never tasted this good. We add raspberry liqueur and egg white as the main ingredients, along with bitter, fresh squeezed juice, shake and flip it then serve it the way you like—–smoked or not.


There’s a reason for the name of this cocktail favorite. Yes! You will be HOOKED Bourbon has so many looks….Let’s add to this bitters, Averna Amaro, fresh squeezed juice, egg whites and goodness.


Who said you could not have fruit with your cocktail….Yes you can, and we did! This Ash And Barrel cocktail features Casamigos Mezcal, peaches, fresh squeezed juice in a habanero salt rim

Black Velvet

Rich and smooth just like your cigar. This cigar smoker favorite is an interesting mixed cocktail that combines 2 different Vodka’s, and Kahlua with a cold brew, shaken to perfection.


Never go wrong with Bulleit Rye. We combine that with sweet vermouth, bitters and a garnish, then serve it with an X and an O

Purrdity Rita

Margarita’s never fail….Purrdity’s is GOLDEN. Jose Cuervo Gold, Grand Marnier and of course the juice and sour. Don’t forget…SMOKE IT to capture all the flavors cigar smokers love.

None of our specialty cocktails catch your eye? Our bar is stocked with an assortment of fine spirits, wines, champagnes, and beer. Come on in and meet the perfect pairing for your cigar!

**Gratuity of 20% will be added to parties of 5 or more

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